Adriana & Marisa Martino, LME

Founders – Laser Medical Estheticians

Adriana and Marisa Martino, Founders of SKINNEY Medspa and licensed Estheticians, began their passion for anti-aging skincare early on in Orlando Florida. These identical twin sisters enrolled in New York’s Lia Schorr Academy where they obtained their Esthetics license. They began their careers working under doctors, gaining their certifications in several non- ablative, non-invasive lasers in 2005. Marisa and Adriana treated hundreds of clients while working at some of New York’s  most prestigious medical spa facilities. They worked extensively with several laser technologies such as NG Yag, Diodes, Broadband light and IPL’s, and Radio Frequency platforms. Marisa and Adriana have an extensive knowledge of all devices pertaining to anti-aging skincare as well as cellulite reduction. To further their expertise, both sisters enrolled in the Florida College of Natural Health in Miami, FL where they took laser specific courses for the certification in laser hair removal and laser esthetics in 2007.

Dr. Halland Chen, MD

Platelet Rich Plasma – Micro Needling

As an expert in medical injections and the latest advanced techniques, Dr. Halland is one of New York’s premiere specialist offering anti-aging and cosmetic treatments. He is a board certified and fellowship trained medical doctor offering his patients top level care and aesthetics treatments. A graduate from the University of Miami’s prestigious Honors Program in Medicine, and graduated with Honors in Research Distinction on his medical degree. He also trained at Beth Israel’s fellowship program in New York City, and has special focus on regenerative medicine. He is on the forefront of the new and latest technique, the PRP facial (platelet rich plasma). The procedure entails drawing your blood, spinning it through a filtering system that allows it to be platelet enriched. He then gently preforms a micro-needling technique that places the PRP right back into the sub-dermis of your skin. This technique allows for rapid wound healing, promoting new collagen and cell growth making your skin look years younger.

Jolie Martin, LME

Laser Medical Esthetician – Patient Coordinator

Jolie Martin, LME is a Licensed Medical Esthetician focusing on anti-aging and wellness. Jolie grew up in Scottsdale, AZ in a Holistic Immunologist household and spent her youth learning from her parents who built their careers in Immunology and brain injured clientele therapy. Her career began early on as she interned at Mayo Clinic where she had first-hand exposure to practical medical applications in cardiology, brain surgery, and oncology. Focused on medicine and beauty, she graduated The National Aesthetics Institute and went on to building her experience in the beauty industry focused on clinical skin care at a well-renowned Plastic Surgery practice. She moved to New York City where she furthered her education in laser esthetics and worked extensively in medical and spa facilities management and as an esthetician at several prominent NY medical-spas. She has extensive experience with the holistic aspect of skin care and total well-being as well as superficial cosmetology.

Nousha Salimi, RN

Master Injector, Liquid Facelift

Our company name, Aeterna Vos, means “eternal you” in Latin which reflects our philosophy on aging. You can age gracefully, remaining eternally you, with the avail of customized aesthetic treatments.

Founded by Ashley Davenport & Nousha Salimi, AeternaVos believes that cosmetic injectables, like Botox and dermal fillers, can serve to prevent, correct, and/or maintain one’s youthful characteristics over time. We are a company that also seeks to educate not only our patients, but our clinical partners as well. As a leading cosmetic clinician, founder Nousha Salimi, RN, seeks to share her practical and proven applications in aesthetic medicine with others. Our patients and peers agree that our cultivated approach to patient care along with Nousha’s teachings of highly proprietary injectable techniques, have set the new standard in aesthetic medicine.

Christine Anderson, LME

Trainer, Licensed Esthetician

Born and raised in a small town in Saginaw, Michigan Christine Anderson had big city dreams. While attending Columbia College of Chicago Christine worked as a receptionist at a fancy Day Spa on Chicago’s famous Oak Street. It was here Christine found her love for skin care. After obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Art degree Christine moved to New York City to study Esthetics at the prestigious Atelier Esthetique Institute on Park Avenue under industry pioneer Annette Hanson. While attending Atelier Christine discovered another passion, teaching. After graduating, President Annette Hanson hired her as an instructor where she inspired young eager new students.Christine is a licensed, experienced technician trained in the most current esthetics technologies including laser hair removal, ultrasound radio frequency, IPL, fractional lasers, microneedling, chemical peels, and other medical spa techniques. Christine joined the SKINNEY team on the upper east side. Christine is thrilled to be a part of the opening team in their Flatiron location with Warren Tricomi! Christine recently left Atelier to take on a bigger teaching role at LASER Studio Plus. Christine designs jewelry and practices hot Vinyasa Yoga. She created her own jewelry line worn by celebrities across both coasts.

Brooke Robbins

Brow Specialist

Brooke started in the cosmetic field at an early age. Growing up, she watched her mother’s technique at a family business called Creative Illusions Brow Center. She is known as the brow queen and passed those genes on to me.”I love making people feel beautiful. I’ve been doing brows, tinting, makeup and lashes for 14 years. It’s my passion.”

Satoko Yamazaki

Licensed Medical Esthetician – Master Facialist

Satoko Yamazaki’s passion for beauty care began while she was studying economics in Japan and working as a skin care consultant for high-end skincare lines. In 1996 she moved from Tokyo to New York City and earned her esthetician license at Christine Valmy International. She furthered her education by becoming a certified electrologist at Lia Schorr and followed up with various medical esthetics studies and laser at Atlier Esthetique Institute.Her career commenced in 1998 worked at high-end salon and spa such as Frederic Fekkai 5th avenue and The Plaza Hotel.She built a high profile clientele and celebrity followers . In 2013,Satoko decided to develop new techniques and innovative procedures for new and long-term clientele offering service by private appointment. Satoko believes that her client’s treatments should be specialized and individually developed for their specific needs.Her philosophy is to integrate both a medical and holistic approach,achieved through consulting her clients on areas including nutrition and stress management to promote healthy lymphatic system.