Benefits of the Photofacial

  • ​Minimizes redness from broken capillaries and rosacea
  • Lightens Pigmented Lesions, Melasma, and Sun Damage
  • Stimulates Collagen and Elastin Regeneration
  • No Down Time
  • Quick and Easy Service Time
  • FDA Approved
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Before Photo Facial

before laser hair removal

After Photo Facial

after laser hair removal

Photofacial refers to the non-invasive laser light-based technology that treats sun damage, hyper pigmentation, vascular imperfections and Rosacea. It has FDA clearance and can deliver excellent results without requiring any downtime. Do you have Rosacea? It is cosmetic condition characterized by facial erythema or redness of the skin, this can be treated with the non-invasive laser light procedure called Photo Facial. Let our skin experts at SKINNEY Medspa customize an IPL Photofacial in our NYC clinics to help you rejuvenate your skin.

Even if you don’t have Rosacea, you can also undergo this procedure to get rid of facial imperfections brought about by sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Photo facial is a quick and hassle-free way to treat rosacea, and get rid of textural irregularities and discoloration that add years to your skin. It only takes about 15 minutes and doesn’t require any downtime. To get optimal results, it’s recommended to come back regularly for touch-up treatments.

It’s always been SKINNEY Medspa’s mission to bring out people’s natural beauty with our IPL photofacial treatment in NYC. After all, each one is beautiful in her own unique way. If you’re planning to get a photofacial in NYC, we’ll be more than happy to provide free consultation. Call us at 212-754-6639.

Popular Q&A about the Photo Facial

What is IPL photofacial?

IPL Photofacial uses a specialized laser called Intense Pulse Light (IPL). During several treatments, photofacial fades the brown spots caused by the sun to improve your skin texture, fine wrinkles and reduces pore size. IPL energy offers a gentle and steady improvements with minimal side effects and no down time as the IPL energy is being absorbed underneath the skin.

How long is the treatment duration?

Each photofacial session of this laser treatment only takes about 15 minutes. The exact duration depends on the patient’s individual condition and skin type. Before getting started, we’ll explain each of the treatments you need and how long the interval between treatments is.

How much does IPL photofacial cost?

Costs for IPL photofacial in NYC vary depending on your skin condition and the treatment area. Visit us for a complimentary skin analysis so we can determine what the most suitable treatment for you is. Call us at 212-754-6639.

Do I need to plan for time off for the treatments?

No. As mentioned earlier, photo facials are non-invasive, thus they don’t require recovery time. You can have the IPL photorejuvanation treatment today in our NYC clinics and go back to work right away or the following day.

How long will my results last?

IPL can effectively get rid of discoloration and textural irregularities that make you look older than your age. But even if the procedure gave you excellent results, you will continue to age if you expose yourself to sun and environmental elements that cause premature aging. What you can do is to minimize exposure and come back regularly for touch-ups.

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