Sofwave vs Morpheus: Which Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Is Worth the Money?

Your skin is one of the first things people notice about you. People who have great skin tend to look more energetic and vibrant. On the other hand, dull, lifeless skin can make you look more tired and old than you are. In the quest for a more confident, youthful appearance, many people turn to various aesthetic treatments. Sofwave and Morpheus8 are treatments that can tighten and contour the face while improving the skin’s elasticity and vitality.

It would be nice if you regularly get various facial treatments. But doing so would quickly get expensive. If you’re looking for ways to save money while beautifying your skin, it may be necessary to choose just one. But which treatment is most worth the money between Sofwave vs Morpheus8? This article aims to answer that question.

What Is Sofwave?

Sofwave uses FDA-cleared ultrasound technology to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and lift the neck, eyebrow, and submental area. Ultrasound energy breaks down stubborn fat cells and improves overall skin texture. It also stimulates the skin’s collagen-production processes to tighten and firm the face and other treated areas. The body naturally produces less collagen with age. Stimulating its production through treatments like Sofwave can improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of sagging skin.

This next-generation therapy is noninvasive and allows patients to immediately return to their daily activities with no worries about post-treatment scarring. The procedure is very safe, thanks to its use of Sofcool™ technology to cool the uppermost layer of skin during treatment. This prevents the skin from burning due to the ultrasound energy.

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What Is Morpheus8?

When choosing between Sofwave and Morpheus8, it’s important to note that both treatments have the same overall purpose: to rejuvenate the skin. Like Sofwave, Morpheus8 also tightens, lifts, and tones the skin without surgery. It stimulates collagen and shrinks unwanted fat cells in treated areas. The FDA-cleared device can shave years off your appearance in minutes. It’s one of the fastest ways to achieve a more youthful complexion and instant confidence boost.

Morpheus8 uses two separate applicators for body and face treatments. The body applicator penetrates deeper by design than the face applicator. That’s because the skin on the body tends to be thicker and tougher than the skin on the face. Therefore, more intense treatments are required to make a noticeable difference. The skin on the face is much more delicate and requires a lighter, gentler touch. Your provider should always use the Morpheus8 device specifically designed to treat the part of the body you’re targeting.

There are some key differences between Sofwave vs Morpheus8. For one, Morpheus8 doesn’t use ultrasound technology like Sofwave does. Instead, it sends fractional bipolar energy into the skin through microneedles. The needles create tiny punctures in the skin that prompt the body to initiate healing processes. These processes build the skin up healthier and firmer than it was before.

Breaking Down the Differences in Benefits

Both Sofwave and Morpheus8 devices are FDA-cleared to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles. They both have good safety profiles and effective treatment outcomes. Here are some additional benefits associated with each treatment.

Sofwave Benefits

Sofwave delivers an overall firmer, tighter, healthier complexion. It also offers the following benefits:

✓ Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Improves skin laxity on the face, neck, and submental area
✓ No post-treatment downtime required
✓ Lifts eyebrows
✓ Delivers final results in as little as 12 weeks
✓ Quick, minimally uncomfortable procedure
✓ Boost collagen production
✓ Provides natural-looking results

You’ll likely see some benefits from Sofwave treatment after just one week. However, it takes around 12 weeks to see the results of your body’s increased collagen production. Therefore, the final results of your treatment won’t be apparent immediately.

Morpheus8 Benefits

The lists of benefits are similar between Sofwave vs Morpheus8. Here are some of the top reasons people turn to Morpheus8 for their skin rejuvenation needs:

✓ Firms mildly sagging skin
✓ Improves skin texture
✓ Reduces the appearance of acne and other scars
✓ Smooths skin texture
✓ Promotes more evenly-toned skin
✓ Improves skin laxity
✓ Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
✓ Minimizes hyperpigmentation
✓ Provides a more “snatched”-looking jawline

As with Sofwave, it takes time to see the final results of each Morpheus8 treatment. However, many patients see some improvements in skin laxity and plumpness within a week or so.

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The Side Effects

Every aesthetic procedure carries a risk of side effects. Fortunately, the side effects associated with Sofwave and Morpheus8 are minimal. Compare the following potential Sofwave vs Morpheus8 side effects to help you determine which treatment is best for you.

Possible Sofwave Side Effects

Sofwave side effects are quite mild when they occur. They may include:

  • Slight redness that typically fades within minutes of treatment
  • Dry, irritated, or swollen skin that may last a day or two after treatment
  • Temporary increased skin sensitivity at the treatment site

Clinical studies show no serious or long-lasting adverse effects from Sofwave treatments.

Possible Morpheus8 Side Effects

Morpheus8 is a nonsurgical treatment that delivers excellent results in a safe, minimally invasive manner. The list of potential Morpheus8 side effects is longer than those associated with Sofwave treatments. However, most of these adverse events are mild and temporary. They may include:

  • Post-treatment redness or swelling
  • Pinpoint bleeding from the microneedles
  • Mild swelling at the treatment site
  • Temporary scabbing

These symptoms typically fade within days of treatment. Some patients describe the sensation as a mild sunburn for a few days.

Comparing the Costs of Sofwave vs Morpheus8

The cost of Sofwave vs Morpheus8 treatments can vary significantly. The price you’ll pay for either procedure depends on several factors. Your provider, treatment area size, and geographical location can all determine your final cost.

A full Sofwave face and neck treatment can cost between $3,500 and $4,500. Single treatment areas are much more affordable. For example, a Sofwave brow lift costs around $1,200 on average.

For Morpheus8 full-face treatments, you can expect to pay between $1,500 and $4,000 to treat your full face and neck. Smaller treatment areas typically cost between $700 and $900.

Though these prices may seem hefty, many think they are worth it. On average, a surgical facelift costs over $12,000, and it comes with significant risks and downtime. So, the cost of Sofwave vs. Morpheus8 is quite reasonable compared to the cost of surgery. Noninvasive skin rejuvenation treatments like Sofwave and Morpheus8 also provide similar face-lifting and tightening benefits without the risks, scars, or recovery period.

What to Expect During Your Sofwave Treatment

Before your provider begins Sofwave treatment, they’ll apply a numbing compound to the targeted area. This helps minimize any discomfort caused by the heat from the ultrasound waves. When ready, your provider will apply ultrasound gel to your skin and place the Sofwave device on it. The device has a cooling plate on your skin to keep the surface from getting too hot during treatment.

The Sofwave handpiece covers a large treatment area, which helps keep the total treatment time minimal. On average, a full face and neck session takes around 30 minutes.

What to Expect During Your Morpheus8 Treatment

There are a few differences between Sofwave vs Morpheus8 treatments. Both are fairly quick, but Morpheus8 treatments tend to take a little longer, on average. Depending on the size of your treatment area, your session could take anywhere between 15 and 60 minutes.

Your provider will clean and prepare your skin when you arrive for your appointment. Then, they’ll apply a topical numbing agent. It could take 30 minutes or longer for the skin to become fully numb. Once it is, your provider will use the Morpheus8 device on your skin and begin treatment. You may feel stinging, pulling, or pinching sensations. Your provider may adjust the device settings to ensure comfort while delivering optimal results.

Some providers may offer additional sedation options to patients who need it. These may include nitrous gas or oral sedation. If you opt for oral sedation, be sure to have someone drive you home after your treatment. Most patients can tolerate treatments just fine without additional sedation.

Analyze the Differences in Results

Sofwave results continue to build month after month as your collagen levels increase. However, a single treatment does not deliver lifelong results. Many people get annual touch-ups to continue enjoying this remarkable treatment’s skin-lifting and tightening benefits.

Morpheus8 treatment results are similar. They typically last about a year before the skin returns to its previous state. Once-annual retreatments can help you maintain your results year after year.

Learn More About Sofwave and Morpheus8 in NYC

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