Comparing the top 6 Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatments


A decade ago, men and women who struggled with stubborn bulges that resisted diet and exercise had mainly one treatment option: Liposuction. Today, innovations in fat reduction technology have supported the rise of various non-invasive fat reduction treatments that offer a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

With all the different fat reduction treatments, it may be hard to know which one is right for you. Read on to discover the pros and cons of the most popular non-invasive fat reduction treatments on the market.

How Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatments work:

Non-invasive fat reduction treatments utilize different mechanisms, to achieve the same objective: the rupture of fat cells. Some treatments damage fat cells by exposing them to controlled cooling, some expose fat cells to heat. Other treatments use radiofrequency or ultrasonic injury to damage fat cells. All treatments aim for lipolysis (lipo = fat cells + lysis = cell death.)

As with any medical procedure, results may vary. The following information is based on the average patient experience.*


CoolSculpting is the most popular non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world, with over 6 million treatments performed to date. CoolSculpting essentially freezes fat cells to death using precisely controlled cooling.

CoolSculpting Treatment Time: Depends on the area treated and applicator used. The newly developed CoolAdvantage applicator collection decreases some treatment times to as little as 35 minutes.

Average # of treatments needed per area: 2 or 3 treatments

Patient experience during treatment: Patient may experience sensation of cold and a tugging feeling for the first 5 or so minutes before the area goes numb.

CoolSculpting down time / recovery period: Typically, no downtime is required and patients may return to their normal daily activities immediately following their treatment.

CoolSculpting side effects: Potential CoolSculpting side effects include mild tingling, tenderness, numbing, bruising, redness.

When will I see CoolSculpting results? Typically, optimal CoolSculpting results manifest within 8-12 weeks after the treatment.*

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CoolSculpting Elite

CoolSculpting Elite is the newest fat-freezing treatment from Allergan. CoolSculpting Elite uses non-invasive cooling technology to reduce fat cells, triggering cell death and removal.

CoolSculpting Elite Treatment Time: Depending on the area being treated and the applicators used, the new re-engineered CoolSculpting Elite applicators make treatment time shorter.

Average # of Treatments Needed Per Area: The number of sessions you need depends on the amount of fat reduction you want to see. CoolSculpting Elite is proven to achieve a 20-25% fat reduction per treatment. This means most people just need two treatments.

Patient Experience During Treatment: CoolSculpting Elite is a lot like the original CoolSculpting. However, it features re-engineered applicators that are more comfortable making the cooling cycles a more enjoyable experience for patients.

CoolSculpting Elite Down Time / Recovery Period: Typically, there is little to no downtime needed for CoolSculpting Elite. Most patients may return to their normal activities directly following their session.

CoolSculpting Side Effects: Potential CoolSculpting Elite side effects are rare. Some patients may experience mild tingling, numbness, tenderness, bruising, or redness. If you experience these symptoms, they are mild and go away on their own.

When Will I See CoolSculpting Elite Results? Typically, CoolSculpting Elite results are visible within 8-12 weeks after your treatment plan is complete.* Individual experiences may vary.


Sculpsure is similar to CoolSculpting; however, instead of using controlled cooling, Sculpsure heats up fat cells to the point of destruction using light based technology.

Sculpsure Treatment Time: Sculpsure touts one of the shortest treatment times of all non-invasive fat reduction treatments at 25 minutes.

Average # of treatments needed per area: 2-3 treatments.

Patient experience during treatment: Sensation of warmth and tingling.

Sculpsure Down time / Recovery period: Typically, no downtime required and patients may return to their normal daily activities immediately following their treatment.

Sculpsure Side effects: Potential Sculpsure side effects include stiffness and swelling.

When will I see my Sculpsure results? Typically, optimal Sculpsure results manifest within 8-12 weeks after the treatment.*

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Zerona is another laser-based technology that heats fat cells using a “cold laser.” Zerona is probably the most gentle fat reduction treatment, but also the least effective. Zerona also requires patients to adhere to a strict diet following treatment.

Zerona Treatment Time: Around 40 minutes.

Average # of treatments needed: 6 in a 2-week span

Patient experience during treatment: Zerona’s cold laser technology makes it one of the most comfortable fat reduction treatments available.

Zerona Down time / Recovery period: Typically, no downtime required and patients may return to their normal daily activities immediately following their treatment.

Zerona Side effects: Potential Zerona side effects are rare.

When will I see Zerona results? Many fat reduction treatment specialists would say you won’t. Zerona is highly criticized for being ineffective. If you do respond to the treatment, typically, optimal Zerona results manifest after 2 week treatment program.*


Vanquish essentially heats fat cells to death, using radiofrequency. This unique mechanism can target larger areas of the body than other non-invasive fat reduction treatments. Vanquish is similar to other fat reductions treatments like liposuction, Venus Freeze, Trusculpt, or Ultrashape that utilize radiofrequency and/or ultrasonic energy to deliver thermal manipulation to fat cells.

Vanquish Treatment Time: 30 to 60 minutes.

Average # of treatments needed per area: 2-3 treatments.

Patient experience during treatment:

Vanquish Down time / Recovery period: Typically, no downtime required and patients may return to their normal daily activities immediately following their treatment.

Vanquish Side effects: Vanquish has few side effects but some patients report lumps and tenderness.

When will I see my Vanquish results? Typically, optimal Vanquish results manifest within 8-12 weeks after the treatment.*

Laser Lipo

Various forms of laser lipo, also known as smart lipo have been developed by companies like SonoBello or Athenix. While laser lipo is marketed as a minimally invasive fat reduction treatment, it is far more invasive than the other fat reduction treatments listed. Laser lipo makes traditional liposuction less invasive by targeting tissue density and dissolving fat cells with a laser before and after the liposuction procedure. Laser lipo does not require general anesthesia and is ideal for smaller treatment areas.*

Treatment Time: Varies depending on the area being treated.

Average # of treatments needed per area: 1 treatment.

Patient experience during treatment: Localized anesthesia should make treatment pain free

Laser Lipo Down time / Recovery period: Longer recovery time compared to other non-invasive fat reduction treatments. Typically 2 -3 days of rest and restricted activity. May take several weeks for tenderness and bruising to go away.

When will I see my Laser Lipo results? Typically, swelling must subside before seeing optimal Laser lipo results. This can take several weeks.

Laser Lipo Side effects: Potential Laser Lipo side effects include potential minor scarring, irritations, bruising, swelling, pain, infection.

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Semaglutide Weight Loss Injections

Semaglutide is a revolutionary treatment that helps people lose weight. It’s an injectable drug that causes the body to burn fat more efficiently, resulting in weight loss.

Overweight patients start with semaglutide to get close to their goal weight. Then, they may use Coolsculpting or Emsculpt NEO to contour their bodies for a more defined, toned, and attractive appearance.

Semaglutide Treatment Time

Patients get semaglutide injections once a week for four weeks. It’s typical to start with 0.25 milligrams. Depending on your circumstances, we may increase your dose as needed over time.

Average Number of Treatments Needed

Semaglutide isn’t a miracle cure where you see results right away. You must have realistic expectations and be patient to see changes. Full effects can take eight weeks or more to show. This medication is a long-acting solution for weight loss and management.

During your consultation, we’ll let you know how many injections you’ll need to meet your goal weight. But studies have shown it’s beneficial to continue semaglutide for 68 weeks [1].

Patient Experience During Treatment

Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. Some may find injections uncomfortable. But generally, semaglutide is tolerable. Let us know if you have a low pain tolerance, and we’ll do our best to make you feel relaxed during each session.

Semaglutide Recovery

Since semaglutide isn’t a surgery, there’s minimal downtime. In other words, you can resume your daily activities after each injection.

Semaglutide Side Effects

It’s normal to experience diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting after starting semaglutide. Your body needs time to get used to the medication. In most cases, these effects subside after a few weeks.

When Will I See Semaglutide Results?

Each person’s semaglutide journey looks different. Some of our patients notice weight loss within the first two weeks of their treatment plan. But others may need more time (up to eight weeks) to see the full effects.

EON Body Contouring

EON is a novel body contouring procedure that relies on thermal laser energy and cooling technology to kill fat cells under the skin. It’s a comfortable, painless experience. Patients don’t have to worry about incisions, anesthesia, or a lengthy recovery.

EON Body Contouring Treatment Time

The treatment time depends on the areas you’re targeting. But on average, a full treatment on the stomach takes an hour for three segments. Each segment lasts for 20 minutes. If you’re treating your flanks, it’ll be two segments. This treatment takes about 40 minutes.

Average Number of Treatments Needed

The exact number of treatments needed differs for everyone. It could be one or more. During your consultation, we’ll determine how much fat you want to lose. From there, we’ll suggest a viable treatment plan for your circumstances and goals.

Patient Experience During Treatment

EON has a high patient satisfaction rate because it’s a comfortable treatment. You won’t feel any pain during the sessions.

EON Body Contouring Recovery

There is minimal downtime after an EON body contouring session. Many patients schedule their appointments during a lunch break and resume work right after.

EON Body Contouring Side Effects

EON doesn’t have known major side effects. Compared to surgical liposuction or even Smart Lipo laser body contouring which can cause burns, this option comes with far fewer side effects and risks. It works well on most skin types and tones.

When Will I See EON Results?

The most noticeable results typically take twelve weeks to manifest. Your body needs time to eliminate dead fat cells through natural metabolic processes. As the waste comes out, you’ll notice a slimmer body.

Emsculpt NEO

Emsculpt NEO is an upgraded version of the original Emsculpt, which focuses on building muscle. Besides building muscle, Emsculpt NEO incorporates radiofrequency energy to reduce fat and tighten the skin. Try this if you struggle to achieve your dream body through consistent exercise and a healthy diet!

Emsculpt NEO Treatment Time

On average, Emsculpt NEO sessions take half an hour to complete.

Average Number of Treatments Needed

We recomend patients get six Emsculpt sessions over three weeks. These sessions will take place every two to three days. Maintenance sessions may be recomended six to eight weeks later to keep top-notch results.

Patient Experience During Treatment

Emsculpt is a painless treatment. Most describe it as a pulling sensation. But we have full control of the intensity. Let us know if you have a low pain tolerance, and we can adjust the treatment accordingly.

Emsculpt NEO Recovery

Unlike invasive alternatives, there’s no painful recovery with Emsculpt. Our patients return to work or their daily routine after their sessions.

Emsculpt Side Effects

Shortly after the sessions, you may feel mild soreness around the treatment area. This subsides quickly.

When Will I See Emsculpt Results?

It can take six to eight weeks after a full treatment plan to see visible results. Around this time, your body will build muscle and dispose of the dead fat cells.


Trusculpt is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment that utilizes radiofrequency energy to heat fat tissues. Patients experience not only a reduction in fat but also tighter skin after the treatment.

Trusculpt Treatment Time

Trusculpt sessions are quick and easy. You can be in and out within fifteen minutes to an hour depending on your treatment area(s).

Average Number of Treatments Needed

Trusculpt patients get optimal results from one to two treatments.

Patient Experience During Treatment

Trusculpt is a safe and painless beauty treatment. You won’t have to deal with scarring or skin damage. During the procedure, you may feel a warming sensation.

Trusculpt Recovery

One of the greatest advantages of Trusculpt is there’s minimal downtime after. Your skin may look redder than usual after your sessions. The redness should subside within an hour.

Trusculpt Side Effects

Trusculpt side effects are minimal compared to other cosmetic treatments. But it’s normal to experience mild redness and tenderness in the treated areas. After-effects usually go away without intervention within a few hours.

When Will I See Trusculpt Results?

Trusculpt outcomes differ per patient. But results may take four to sixteen weeks to show.

Why Choose Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

Advancements in non-invasive cosmetic treatments have revolutionized the cosmetic industry. For example, reducing fat has never been safer, easier, or more effective than with non-invasive treatments. Liposuction, an invasive procedure, has long been the gold standard for effective fat reduction. However, the nature of such an invasive cosmetic treatment concerns many. Although effective, invasive procedures may include general anesthesia, scalpels, stitches, scars, lengthy recovery times, and other adverse side effects.

Choosing a non-invasive treatment for your fat reduction is an easier, safer, and just as effective choice. Some benefits of most non-invasive treatments include little to no downtime, minimal side effects, skin tightening, effective fat reduction, long-lasting results, no surgery, and more.

Choosing a Non-Invasive Fat Reducing Treatment

Some other popular non-invasive fat reduction treatments include Emsculpt, Emsculpt NEO, and Venus Freeze. The cost and availability of fat reduction treatments will vary. Many medspas offer more than one non-invasive fat-reducing treatment. These treatments can be personalized to each individual according to their aesthetic goals. The cost for each treatment will vary per method of fat reduction and patient needs. Additionally, candidacy may also vary. Ideal candidates in each non-invasive treatment can expect optimal results.

For Best Results, Choose the Best Provider

If you are considering non-invasive fat reduction, it is important to choose a skilled provider. Protect your investment and ensure outstanding results by choosing the best provider. As with most cosmetic treatments, the person performing the fat reduction treatment dramatically affects your experience and results. Read client testimonials, google reviews, and articles about a provider to learn more about their practice. Also, check for actual photos of real clients’ before and after transformations (some medspas use stock photos which are not a good indicator of a provider’s skill). The best non-invasive treatments deliver the best results when applied by an expert.

Which Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment is Right for Me?

Now that you know the differences between the top 6 fat reduction treatments and why you should choose a non-invasive option, which treatment is right for you?

The best way to know which treatment is right for you and the exact costs is to speak with an expert at SKINNEY Medspa. During a complimentary consultation, experts discuss details of available treatments and help determine your candidacy. Once a treatment is chosen by both you and the provider, a personalized treatment plan is created for you that suits your goals and budget.

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Treatment Cost

The cost of these popular non-invasive fat reduction treatments will vary. Each service comes with its own price range. You then have to factor in the number of sessions, the number of treatment areas, and the equipment used to complete your plan. In order to receive your personal plan and cost, schedule a consultation with a reputable provider like Skinney Medspa. You undergo a medical evaluation to determine which fat reduction method is suitable for your body and needs. Then they create a plan that achieves optimal fat reduction at a price you can afford.


Why Choose SKINNEY Medspa for Fat Reduction

SKINNEY Medspa is a premier provider of Non-Invasive Fat Reducing treatments in NYC and is the #1 CoolSculpting provider in the nation. At SKINNEY Medspa, patients experience exceptional care from highly trained and experienced experts. The lush spa is the perfect place to relax as SKINNEY Medspa puts in the work to help you reach all your aesthetic goals. Love your body and love your results with the help of SKINNEY Medspa. Contact us today at any of our 4 locations for a complimentary consultation and learn about non-invasive treatment options. We are proud to help all men and women in their cosmetic and aesthetic journeys.

If you are serious about finding the right fat reduction treatment for you, call (212) 754-6639 or sign up online to schedule a free consultation with a fat reduction specialist from SKINNEY Medspa.


Effect of Continued Weekly Subcutaneous Semaglutide vs Placebo on Weight Loss Maintenance in Adults With Overweight or Obesity, JAMA Network, Domenica Rubino, MD; Niclas Abrahamsson, MD; Melanie Davies, MD

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With over 15 years in the industry, Amanda’s meticulous and thorough approach to skincare and body contouring has gained her an extensive clientele. Beginning her career as a holistic skincare expert, Amanda is able to uniquely integrate technology into her customized treatment plans giving her clients a natural, enhanced result. After graduating from The Hudson Valley School of Advanced Aesthetics in 2007, she opened a private skin studio inside of the Pierre Hotel in New York City, having the pleasure of working on some of the world’s most prestigious faces.

Amanda joined the SKINNEY team in 2021, specializing in IPL, microneedling, radio frequency, CoolSculpting, Fraxel and more. Her passion for skin enhancement and education led her to enroll in a nursing program where she will earn her degree to become an RN, with a goal to combine injectables into her current practice.

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Christine studied esthetics at the prestigious Atelier Esthetique Institute  under industry pioneer Annette Hanson and became an esthetics trainer at both Atelier and LASER Studio Plus. Christine is a licensed laser technician, specializing in cosmetic laser technologies including Laser Hair Removal NYC, laser skin resurfacing using IPL fractional lasers such as Clear + Brilliant and Fraxel, chemical peel, and more.

Christine first joined the SKINNEY Medspa team at their Upper East Side Spa location and is thrilled to be a part of the SKINNEY Med Spa Flatiron location with internationally renowned NYC hair and beauty salon Warren-Tricomi.

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Alison is a SKINNEY Medspa Licensed Esthetician who specializes in non-invasive laser treatments, anti-aging services, and body contouring. She is a certified technician of CoolSculpting, Alma lasers, ablative skin restoration microneedling, and radiofrequency. Alison earned a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, a master’s degree from Columbia University, and graduated with honors from Christine Valmy International School of Esthetics. Alison cares deeply for her clients and is passionate about creating individualized treatment plans to suit each client’s specific needs and goals. She has a bubbly and warm personality and demonstrates a deep breadth of knowledge of both products and treatments. Alison is always in the know on the latest and greatest advancements in medical esthetics and is excited to share her expertise.

Gina Martinelli

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Gina Martinelli

Gina Martinelli is the front desk coordinator at SKINNEY Medspa. Pursuing her love for all things skin and beauty.

Gina intends to obtain her esthetics license from Christine Valmy. She is born and raised in New York City and enjoys writing, watching documentaries, and keeping up on the latest beauty trends.

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Skinney Medspa Treatments

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Thalia Valdes is the manager at our Bal Harbour location.

Passionate about aesthetics and all things beauty she is the point of contact for Miami and is comitted to working with clients, creating a stress-free & rewarding experience.

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Parminder Singh, LME

Parminder is licensed esthetician and certified laser technician, specializing in laser skin resurfacing and Clear + Brilliant. She has received advanced training in CoolSculpting as well as skin tightening treatments such as Ultherapy and Thermage. She received her makeup artist license from Lia Schorr Institute, which she put to use working in the bridal, fashion, and special effects industries. She then attended the Dermalogica Academy where she received her laser and esthetician license. Her passion for skin care is coupled with her desire to provide clients of SKINNEY Medspa with the most modern, most effective treatments for restoring and maintaining healthy, youthful looking skin. Parminder was born in Mainz, Germany and moved to the United States at 7 years old. Her favorite hobbies include cooking, traveling the world and staying on top of the latest beauty trends.

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Josie Holmes

Josie Holmes is a Licensed Esthetician and specializes in non-invasive body contouring. She is the SKINNEY MedSpa National Aesthetic Trainer. She also holds a position with Allergan Aesthetics as an Allergan Medical Instructor faculty member. Josie possesses a sharp eye for detail which she uses to her advantage in all of her medical aesthetic treatments. With strong interpersonal and leadership skills, she is a pioneer for our education team.

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Gloria is extremely passionate about ensuring the SKINNEY experience is of utmost luxury. As the spa director her goal is to ensure all clients are met with quality service and care throughout our spas.

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Ellie is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. Prior to her experience in aesthetics, Ellie cared for postoperative inpatients following plastic surgery in San Francisco and most recently managed corporate wellness here in Manhattan. Currently, Ellie’s focus is helping her patients make personal improvements with each visit. She understands that mind and body wellness can take many forms – whether it’s adding volume to the cheeks, reducing fine wrinkles, gently contouring the abdomen, or removing unwanted blemishes. Whatever the concern or procedure, Ellie knows that making small and natural appearing improvements can have a profound effect on her clients.

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Angel Socha

Angel Socha is a Nurse Practitioner licensed in NYC, NJ, + PA. She earned her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Pennsylvania to become a Family Nurse Practitioner.

She obtained a Bachelor of Science in BioBehavioral Health from Penn State University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Thomas Jefferson University graduating with the highest distinction. Angel’s clinical experience at Penn Medicine includes Emergency Room medicine, cardiology, women’s health, and dermatology. Angel specializes in botox and filler injections and has completed training with industry leading practitioners. Angel’s unique patient centered approach allows her to provide her clients unparalleled results while delivering an aesthetic plan that suits their long-term beauty and wellness goals. Angel is trained in advanced lasers that help with anti-aging, pigmentation, acne scarring, hair removal, brown spots, and overall skin complexion. Angel is an avid learner and continues to educate herself on the latest techniques in beauty and wellness.

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Dasha Varshavski

Dasha is a board-certified Physician Assistant (PA) specializing in beauty and wellness. Her first experiences in medicine included plastic/reconstructive surgery, and dermatology where she picked up corrective and enhancement beauty practices that she now implements in her treatments at SKINNEY. Having a strong background in medicine coupled with her own business ventures, Dasha joins SKINNEY’s team as an expert in anti-aging treatments, nutrition, wellness, and utilizing cutting-edge technology. She is passionate about helping her patients look and feel their absolute best.

Skinney Medspa Treatments

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Dr. Carlos Rodriguez

Dr. Rodriguez is a highly regarded NYC primary care physician with board-certification in internal medicine. He completed his residency at Cornell University and the Lincoln Medical Center. Dr. Rodriguez’s expertise extends beyond primary care. He’s also a master injector and national trainer for Revance Therapeutics, specializing in RHA fillers and the innovative Daxxify treatment for frown lines. His commitment to medical advancement is evident as he trains extensively on these treatments.

Yana Delkhah

Medical Doctor

Dr. Yana Delkhah

Dr. Yana Delkhah is a medical doctor who has trained in new york city hospital systems such as New York Presbyterian Hospital and Albert Einstein Medical Center. She has worked in emergency medicine, critical care and trauma settings throughout her career and was a co-director of simulation, which consists of education and teaching of other doctors and medical staff in these areas to help improve medicine. She has knowledge and certification in functional medicine or integrative medicine, as well as non-invasive cosmetics. Her passion is in continuing education to patients about preventative medicine and overall health, which consists of combining eastern and western medicine. She currently is a concierge doctor serving New York city and the Hamptons.

Skinney Medspa Treatments

Board Certified Physician

Dr. Joseph Mattingly

Dr. Joseph Mattingly attended undergraduate school at Aquinas College in Michigan, where he was part of the prestigious TriBeta national honor society. Prior to attending the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, he was a graduate assistant at Western Michigan University’s Physician Assistant school teaching regional anatomy, where he completed his MBA. He completed his residency in Emergency Medicine in North Jersey, where he served as chief resident in his final year.

Skinney Medspa Treatments

Medical Director, Miami

Dr. Shaker Hamadiya

Dr. Shaker Hamadiya has grown to be one of Miami’s most in-demand cosmetic practitioners and an expert in cosmetic injections.

As Skinney’s Medical Director, Dr. Hamadiya is a Board Certified Physician, specializing in Preventive Medicine and Esthetics. He received his Medical Degree from the top-5 Baylor College of Medicine and has worked under some of the world’s most renowned surgeons.

He uses his unique vision for the aesthetic and attempts to, not only provide patients with their desired enhancement but, ensure they can maintain the most natural appearance while alleviating the visual signs of aging.

Skinney Medspa Treatments

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Revana Rahman

Revana is the Operations Manager at SKINNEY Medspa as she manages day-to-day business development while assisting the director of operations in the responsibilities of brand partnerships, e-comerce, and vendor relationships. Revana has been a part of the developing beauty and aesthetics industry for 5+ years in metropolitan New York City, where she was also born and raised. Alongside fueling her passion for beauty and aesthetics, SKINNEY Medspa has also inspired Revana to complete medical school in hopes of becoming a fabulous physician one day (soon) specializing in women’s health.

Skinney Medspa Treatments

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Lindsay Malachowski

Lindsay Malachowski is the Chief Operating Officer at SKINNEY Medspa where she oversees the operations of their national team with locations in New York, Miami & Houston. Under her leadership SKINNEY Medspa has spearheaded partnerships with Saks 5th Avenue and Biologique Recherche and grown from 2 locations locally, to 5 locations nationally, SKINNEY Medspa is the #1 provider of Coolsculpting in the country, and the #1 provider of Emsculpt in the world and positioned for continued expansion.

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