Fraxel Laser: Secret to Celebrities’ Ageless Look

Fraxel Laser


Marisa  Martino reveals to Life & Style Magazine the Fraxel laser skin treatments that keeps Kathie Lee Gifford looking ageless, for the segment “Knifestyles of the Rich and Famous!” Learn more about all of Kathie Lee’s anti-aging secrets.

Life & Style Magazine recently interviewed beauty experts to reveal the cosmetic treatments Kathie Lee Gifford, the original queen of morning time TV, underwent to appear ageless, even as she enters her 60’s. A side by side photo showing Kathie Lee Gifford in 2001 and Kathie Lee today reveals the star of “Live with Regis and Kathie Lee!” defies the effects of aging.

Celebrity Secrets to Appear Ageless

Life & Style concedes that “Kathie Lee Gifford has never publicly admitted to getting plastic surgery, but she dropped a hint in 2016 on Today.” Speaking about criticism some celebrities receive after undergoing plastic surgery, Kathie Lee encouraged “Quit judging everybody,” reasoning “if somebody wants to do it — let ’em go.”

Whatever she is doing, it’s working!

-Life & Style

Life & Style breakdown Kathie’s ageless appearance, focusing on her radiant skin, ageless eyes, and unwrinkled brow, asking the experts about which cosmetic treatments can yield such impressive aesthetic results.

Beautiful, Radiant Skin – Fraxel Laser

To reveal the secret behind Kathie Lee Gifford’s beautifully, radiant skin and even toned complexion, Life & Style seeks out the advice of SKINNEY Medspa co-founder Marisa Martino.  “Kathie’s complexion appears smooth, free of age spots,” observes laser skin specialist Marisa Martino. She chalks that up to Fraxel laser treatments.¹

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how does the fraxel laser treatments work?

Fraxel Laser Skin resurfacing uses fractional laser energy to trigger cellular renewal and stimulate collagen production. This is clinically shown to have numerous anti-aging benefits, such as reducing wrinkles and fine lines, tightening lower eyelids, and improving skin tone and texture. Furthermore, Fraxel is able to break up the pigment that causes age spots, melasma, freckles, and other pigmentation issues, resulting in smooth and even skin tones. Fraxel is also used to diminish the visibility of acne scars and reduce the appearance of pores. The anti-aging benefits of the Fraxel laser is not confined to the facial area. Fraxel is FDA approved to treat the neck, hands, and chest area as well.

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Ageless eyes – Firm and Tight Skin

To counter the effects of aging and pull of gravity that causes skin to become less firm and more lax, plastic surgeons interviewed by Life & Style believe Kathie Lee has benefited from dermal fillers, or facial fillers. These fillers are a type of cosmetic injection that uses natural substances to replace the volume that is lost with age. Facial fillers are often used to diminish the signs of aging by filling in and smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. They’re especially effective at improving the area around the eyes, counteracting wrinkles and loose skin or drooping eyelids. Fillers can also enhance aesthetic features such as the lips and contour check bones.

One consulting plastic surgeon tells Life and Style “doubts Kathie Lee has gotten a face-lift.” Instead, he suspects that her youthful look around the eyes, and the volume that beautifully contours her cheeks is a result of facial fillers, explaining “appears as if she had a liquid lift — five to seven syringes of fillers in her cheeks and upper eyelids.”

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Wrinkle Free Eyes and Brow – Botox

Kathie Lee’s forehead is free of the telltale signs of aging that take over the brow area as we get older. Her wrinkle free forehead, according to one cosmetic expert interviewed by Life & Style reveals “signs of Botox. The giveaway…is that her eyebrows sit lower and her upper eyelids  are not really visible.”

Botox is the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatment, hailed for its fast and convenient procedure that produces immediate anti-aging effects by relaxing tensed muscles that cause furrowed brows, crow’s feet, and frown lines.

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Look Ageless with Non-Invasive Cosmetic Treatments

Perhaps the greatest thing about Kathie Lee Gifford’s ageless look is that such aesthetic enhancements and anti-aging qualities can be achieved with non-invasive cosmetic treatments. KnifeStyles of the Rich and Famous, as Life & Style magazine titles its segment on Kathie Lee no longer reflect the beauty secrets of celebrities who now substitute invasive plastic surgeries with non-invasive treatments, such as Botox, fillers, and Fraxel Laser Skin Resurfacing.

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