Non Surgical Facelift: The New York Post on Non-Invasive Skin Tightening

non surgical facelift


Rhytidectomy, a traditional facelift, is known as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. However, for many clients who want to avoid needles, surgery, or a lengthy recovery, there are notable facelift alternatives. These alternatives include popular treatments like Thermage and Ultherapy.
The New York Post article “Women are zapping their faces with radio waves instead of plastic surgery” discusses the allure of a non surgical facelift. The article opens by saying “Remodeling: It isn’t just for ’90s-era kitchens anymore.”
Now men and women who want to know how to tighten loose skin without resorting to invasive plastic surgery can book an appointment at their local NYC skin spa for the latest anti-aging treatments that use advance laser technologies to tighten loose skin and lift skin that begins to sag with aging.

How can I lift my face without a facelift?

A facelift free from surgery, recovery, and risks is possible. You can lift your face without a traditional facelift thanks to the innovative nonsurgical facelift technology in the cosmetic industry. Thermage and Ultherapy are two of the most popular and beneficial facelift alternatives. Each treatment effectively restores the skin, rejuvenates the appearance, lifts, firms, and improves the skin of the face without surgery. For many people interested in this technology, read on to learn more about each treatment option.

What is the most effective nonsurgical facelift?

For many people, the idea of a surgical facelift is intimidating. This is why many clients use nonsurgical facelift technology to turn back the clocks and rejuvenate their appearance without all surgical drawbacks. For starters, a traditional Rhytidectomy, or facelift, is a cosmetic surgery requiring anesthesia, incisions, sutures, and sometimes scarring. However, the effective nonsurgical technology of Thermage or Ultherapy are entirely non-invasive and makes it easy to firm, lift, tighten, and restore the skin of the face without a lengthy surgical recovery.

Technology of a Non Surgical FaceLift

The New York Post explains that treatments claiming to be non surgical facelifts work:
“by harnessing the power of radio frequency and ultrasound technology, skin experts are zapping below the epidermal surface, “remodeling” tissue to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.”
Resulting “in tighter, more youthful looking jawlines and necks.” The New York Post goes on to explain why these procedures are referred to as non surgical facelifts saying “because the procedures are noninvasive, there’s little to no downtime.”

Non Surgical Facelift Using Radio Frequency

Thermage is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments deemed a non surgical face which uses radio frequency. The New York Post explains that Thermage safely penetrates the skin, heating the epidermis with radio frequency energy which “can trigger a flattening of even the lightest lines and wrinkles.” The New York Post notes the popularity of these non surgical facelifts invasive treatments among celebrities saying

“back in 2010, Demi Moore was rumored to be spending a whopping $150,000 per year on Thermage, the best-known [radio frequency] treatment.”

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Non Surgical Facelift Using Ultra Sound Energy

Another energy source often deployed as a non surgical facelift and used in skin tightening treatments to combat loose skin is Ultra Sound energy. One of the most popular cosmetic treatments using Ultra Sound energy is Ultherapy.

Non Surgical Facelift: Ultherapy Before and After Pics


The New York Post explains “ultrasound…uses a different type of direct energy, allowing practitioners to deliver a precise mini-bolt and see exactly where it’s landing. This energy stimulates collagen and elastin leading to the actual lifting of skin that begins to sag due to aging. The New York Post quotes a leading NYC Ultherapy provider who says this Ultrasonic treatment is “pretty revolutionary,” and deserves its title as a non surgical facelift because it is “the only noninvasive way to really lift and tighten the skin.”

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Another leading NYC Ultherapy provider “doubles down, addressing laxity on the face and body” with treatments that combine “RF and ultrasound” energy such as Skin Tightening with Venus Freeze, explaining “the ultrasound penetrates deeper to tighten muscle as well, so the combo of superficial and deep-tissue tightening is ideal.” The New York Post concludes that “with as few as one to two treatments on the face, or three to four on the body, [skin and laser spas] can tighten skin and reduce fat.”

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Read the entire article from the New York Post here.

How long does a nonsurgical facelift last?*

The length of your nonsurgical facelift treatment depends on the service you select. Skinney Medspa NYC offers both Thermage and Ultherapy as facelift alternatives. If you select Thermage, depending on the size and location of your treatment area, you can expect a procedure in as little as 20 minutes or up to one hour.
Our Ultherapy clients receive a powerful, safe, and effective facelifting treatment in as little as 30 minutes.

What are typical nonsurgical facelift results?*

Depending on your nonsurgical facelift alternative, your results will vary. For Skinney Medspa clients in NYC selecting our powerful Thermage treatment, you can expect to experience facelift results, including skin tightening, within days or weeks after the initial treatment. Your results will continue to improve for up to 3 to 6 months afterward.
Other clients who choose Ultherapy may see rejuvenating skin results within 8 to 12 weeks after the procedure. Your skin rejuvenation will continue to improve for 6 months following the treatment.
As with all aesthetic treatments, results will vary per person.*

Non Surgical Facelift and Skin Tightening from SKINNEY Medspa

What is the best alternative to a facelift? Find out by contacting skinney medspa in NYc today. Skinney Medspa provides non-invasive skin tightening NYC residents prefer for a non-surgical facelift they can get during their lunch hour. Find out if you are a good candidate for Thermage or Ultherapy and learn how a non surgical face lift can tighten skin, firm sagging skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Sign up for a free consultation today by calling (646) 883-8938 or schedule online and receive 20% off of your first treatment from SKINNEY Medspa.

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